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Statement Miya Ando Stanoff is a minimalist metalworker; employing steel and pigment to create quiet, meditative environments. Working solely in two-dimensional metal panels, she is ultimately interested in the study of subtraction to the point of purity, simplicity and refinement. Miya seeks to draw out the natural beauty and elegance in steel through use of subtle shades of silver and grays in her steel canvases. She uses traditional metal finishing methods such as grinding, sanding, patinas, and the application of heat. She also works with solvents, acids and metal-based pigments to create the varied textures and surfaces on her pieces. In her work, she explores such themes as solitude, nothingness, tranquility and the transitory nature of things. Miya is a graduate of UC Berkeley and attended Yale University where she studied East Asian Buddhist Iconography. Half-Japanese and half-Russian, she was raised bilingually and in two cultures, living both in her family's Buddhist temple in Japan and in Northern California. She comes from a tradition of metalworking, as she is the descendant of Bizen sword maker Ando Yoshiro Masakatsu. Her work appears in over 100 private and public collections, both nationally and abroad. She is currently based in the San Francisco Bay area.
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