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Peter Marshall - Keeping London Alive - A Year in Protest (2005) Brazilconzé ART GALLERY presents: Peter Marshall - Keeping London Alive - A Year in Protest (2005). Leave a comment on the book ! Check our full site at:
History of London in picture Long ago I realised the media generally had no interest in the kind of events that for me spelt out the history of my country and my city of London. So I decided to take on the role of covering these things that I think go to the core of our culture, where the people are rather than where the media focus is. The web gave the opportunity to publish these pictures more widely, and I started doing to around ten years ago. Since 2000 I've put things on a web site called 'My London Diary", but I also make some attempt to get the work out through more conventional channels - photo libraries, print magazines etc - as well as the occasional exhibition. The pictures are also generally available for the people in them, and for use by the groups involved. Much of this is subsidised by other work I do. I see my work as a kind of history from the bottom up, and some of it has already been shown in museums etc. Some of the subjects I photograph have a peculiarly English nature, but much has an international context. London is a particular melting pot of our increasingly multicultural society, and I've also been personally involved in many campaigns, in some cases for many years. I spoke and demonstrated on the environment and global issues in the 1960s and part of my photography is a continuation of this. Many (but not all) of the campaigns I photograph I also support. The pictures come from a number of events over around a year in London: Picture1: 'Uncle Sam' the 'Grim Reaper' in a march against Global Climate Change. The march to the US Embassy in London went past Trafalgar Square, where I took this picture with Nelson on his column. February 2005 Picture2: Campaigners against the mistreatment of psychiatric patients pass the Houses of Parliament on St Valentine's Day. The 'Kiss-it' campaign opposes the abuse of drugs and laws that are used to hide psychiatric problems rather than in the interests of the patients. February 2005 Picture3: Tibetans and supporters in the UK at their annual protest march in London calling for freedom from Chinese rule, and an end to Chinese repression and torture in Tibet. March 2005 Picture4: Young British Muslim women in a protest against the occupation of Iraq also show their solidarity with the Palestinian cause. March 2005 Picture5: Protestors outside two of the 'detention centres' - Harmondsworth and Colnbrook - in which immigrants are imprisoned on the edge of London. We were protesting in particular about the law which refuses state support to many asylum seekers; as they are not allowed to work, they and their families have no means of support. One of the charities I'm a member of has provided accommodation and some assistance to people in this position. April 2006 Picture6: This chicken (and others) from Northern Ireland was part of an overnight vigil and march organised by Christian Aid in Whitehall, London, held in the months before the G8 Edinburgh talks to put pressure on the UK Government for Trade Justice. April 2005 Picture7: Strikers dismissed by air line catering firm 'Gate Gourmet' take part in a march and rally calling for an end the the occupation of Iraq. September 2005 Picture8: French protestors against the Iraq war take part in a march in London, October 2004 Picture9: A march organised by the Campaign against Climate Change to the London US Embassy protesting against American opposition to any effective act ion on climate change (and to the war in Iraq.) December 2005 Picture10: Fathers For Justice organised a number of high-profile demonstrations to call attention to the unfairness and anomalies around the custody of children after marriage breakdown. Even when the law grants the right of access to see children, this can sometimes be impossible in practice. The slogan at the back of the picture reads 'Blair & Co Family Butcher.' December 2005.
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